Details on Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities can be found in all parts of the globe. These children are nothing different from any of us. The way they look, feel and behave is exactly how normal children would. The only difference being that these children are unable to do a few things as naturally as the other children. However, thanks to the development in medicine and technology that most of these children with disabilities end up overcoming their problems.

The earlier the disabilities in these children are detected, the easier it is to treat them and help the child lead a normal life. A child may be dealing with medical problems (dwarfism, asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart defects etc), developmental problems (autism, mental retardation, down syndrome etc), learning disabilities (Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia etc), behavioral problems (Tourette Syndrome, Dysfunction of sensory integration etc) or mental health issues (anxiety, depression etc). The problems faced by these children with disabilities can range from minor difficulties in learning to serious terminal illness to occasional panic attacks. The understanding of the level of problems that a child is facing is important in order to determine the kind of disability services required by him, estimating the progress, setting goals and understanding the condition of the child.

Every child has its own distinct problem, which has to be cured by making use of a different method of therapy. It is said that the condition of no two children with disabilities is the same. These children are also known as ‘special children.’ There are a few things, which these children cannot enjoy, like other normal children. This can cause serious trauma to the parents. These restrictions may be in the form of restricted food items, banned activities and experiences to be avoided. However, the parents of children with disabilities should remember that their children are as unique as any other child is and most often there is an amazing talent that accompanies a certain weakness.

It is not only these children but also their parents who need to be constantly assured that their child can overcome his disability and lead a life as fulfilling as anybody else. The parents should take special care of such children and be supportive to their needs at all times. They should seek professional help as soon as they notice any possible signs of disability in their child. If there is a disability diagnosed, they should take it in their stride and research on the various ways to help their child out of the disability. The children with disabilities might be a little more stubborn, aggressive and rebellious as compared to the other children but their parents must be as compassionate and patient as possible while interacting with them. Right decisions by the parents with regards to the therapy, professionals, hospitals and medication can prove to be very helpful in the recovery of children with disabilities.

Insight to Developmental Disability

Developmental problems are amongst the most commonly diagnosed disabilities in children. Most of these problems are birth defects and affect the functioning of one or more body parts of the child. These problems are also commonly referred to as functional birth defects. Developmental problems can be of various different types such as nervous system disabilities, which can affect the functioning of the spinal cord, brain and/or the nervous system like autism, down syndrome. Again, there is sensory related disabilities, which are related to complicated defects at time of the birth like Williams Syndrome and fragile X syndrome. You might even see metabolic disorders that affect the metabolism of the body like hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria. Again, there are degenerative disorders, which cannot be diagnosed at birth, but show symptoms only later like Rett Syndrome.

There are a lot of different therapies that have proven to benefit children with developmental problems. The children who suffer from down syndrome can make use of speech therapy and in some cases surgeries can be conducted to correct heart defects. For children with autistic patterns, a combination of speech, social, physical, emotional and language therapy can be used. There are daily oral hormone treatments that are given to children who have hypothyroidism. Amongst all the other forms of difficulties in children, it is the developmental problems that are the most serious as they affect the most crucial and central parts of the human body.

There are no peculiar symptoms of children having such problems. However, if parents of growing children notice any irregularities in the learning capabilities of the child, they should immediately get the child checked for any kind of such developmental problems. It is said that children with these kinds of defects do not recover entirely by timely diagnosis and assistance can help them overcome their disability to quite an extent. Apart from the medical aspect of it, there are also a lot of social, psychological and emotional problems that are faced by people with these developmental problems. The unfortunate fact that these special children cannot perform all the tasks that normal children can perform so easily makes them an object of discrimination. As a result of this, they end up having low self esteem and lack of confidence. It is required that the parents of these children should be supportive at all times and encourage these children in everything they take interest in.

As far as the functional abilities of children with developmental problems are concerned, there can be no generalization. There have been instances where these special children have performed better than normal children. Hence, it can be said that the combination of medical therapy accompanied by strong support by friends and family is the key to making a child with developmental problems s close as normalcy as possible.

Introduction to Intellectual Disability

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Intellectual disability is a condition, which develops at birth time or in the early infancy stages. In this state, the child is unable to perform various mental functions normally like communicating with other people, socializing and looking after himself. If such children are compared to other children, it is evident that these special children learn and grasp things at a much slower pace than the others. These children also have problems with basic activities like eating, dressing up, talking, walking etc. there are a variety of causes that lead to these kind of disabilities in children. In case of disabilities, similar to fragile X syndrome or the Down syndrome, there is an abnormality in the genes, which the child has inherited from his parents. Intellectual disabilities can also be a result of complications during pregnancy. A woman, who smokes, drinks or has had a rubella infection during her pregnancy, can have a child with such abnormality. Another reason for such problems is having difficulties at birth like the lack of oxygen.

When these children with intellectual disabilities are put to school, they find it difficult to learn what is taught to them. Even if they end up learning, the time required to teach them is substantially more than that taken to teach other children. It is hence, advised that as soon as parents become aware of their child’s disability, they should put the child in a school for special people. The faculty in these schools is trained to teach students with intellectual disability and the company of other children undergoing the same problems makes the child feel comfortable.

It is to be noted that these problems faced by children are not due to a disease that they caught from someone else. Such disabilities cannot be passed on from one person to another. They are a result of serious problems during the birth of the baby. Intellectual disability is not caused due to any kind of depression or mental sickness. Unfortunately, no child with this kind of disability can be cured completely but that does not mean that these children cannot do well for themselves in life. There are a lot of children with intellectual disability who grow up to be successful in what they do. Statistically, 3 out of every 100 people have this defect and this condition is prevalent all over the world. In a lot of cases, special children have learning abilities that are just a little lower than that of an average child. The children with intellectual disability are more vulnerable to depression and poor self-image. In such cases, parents and teachers can help the children overcome their disability and make efforts to lead a happy life. Parents should involve the children in household chores and encourage active interactions.

The Problems and their Solutions for People with Disabilities

When you talk about people with disabilities the picture that instantly comes in your mind are people with serious physical disabilities. However, the term includes a lot more. According to World Health Organization, this term includes all those who not only suffer physical disability but also disabilities that enforce activity limitations, participation limitations and other forms of impairment disabilities. Personal growth impairments are also considered as disabilities. It is important that you understand all these different aspects in order to know the importance of the situation.

People with disabilities of such kinds which you cannot perceive with your eye also require special care and attention and also our attention. You need to understand the effect that these disabilities cause to the person suffering from them. Some of these disabilities might be from birth, however, you will surely come across various disability scenarios where the person affected by the disability had either met with a recent accident or has undergone some serious illness that has rendered the person with the disability.

The issues related to disability is not merely the fact that the person is suffering from certain restraints in physical or mental or social aspects but it goes beyond this point in concern about the livelihood of the person effected with such disabilities. Governments and global organizations like the WHO are trying to find the solution to help these persons with the proper means of sustaining themselves.

Special movements for the people suffering from disabilities have been started to ensure that they are able to get the proper help and support that they deserve. These movements ensure that not only help and support is provided for a short term to these people but a long term solution is also available to them to ensure they are able to live a proper life by sustaining themselves. The several programs that are there to help physically, mentally and socially impaired persons include educating them about the different options that are there that they can choose to earn a livelihood and also to live with dignity. Education is also necessary for self care in certain situations where the people with disabilities must learn to take proper care for themselves and their conditions. It is also important t see that these people suffering from these disabilities are able to lead a proper social life and communicate with others properly.

At times, the disability that the person is suffering from is such that it might become a problem for communication. These disabilities include hearing disability, vision and speech disability and sometimes mental disabilities like cerebral palsy. In such situations it is important to understand the nature of the disability as well as the consequences. Apart from these issues these organizations also help people with disabilities to a normal domestic life, effective communication and at times financial aid. Without the proper care and help, it is next to impossible to help these people and it is essential to help them not only because they are part of our community but also because they are part of the humanity.

Types of Physical Disability

You might have heard of people with disability whether it is physical or mental, they suffer a lot. It is too often that child to suffer from development disability both in physically and mentally. Certainly, there are some remedies to overcome this disability. These physical disabilities can hamper individual life and reduces the working ability of the person.

Impairment in mobility is one type of disability that some individual suffer. This physical disability includes upper limb disability and disability of co-ordination of various body parts. Impairment disability can be congenital or acquired with the age. People who have broken skeletal structures come under this category.

Spinal cord disability is other type of physical disability where spinal cord injuries can lead to lifelong disability. These injury causes due to meeting with severe accident. Spinal cord injury can be complete or incomplete. In complete spinal injury, there is complete loss of sensory organ; whereas in incomplete spinal injury, the spinal are not completely lost.

Brian disability is another type of disability, which occurs due to brain injury. This injury can be sometimes severe, moderate or can mild. Anyhow, it affects the function of brain. Brian injury can be broadly described as Acquired Brain Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. Acquired brain injury are formed rite form birth and is not the hereditary disability; whereas Traumatic brain injury can effect emotionally and behavioral disturbance.

One more kind of disability is the Vision disability where the person losses his eyes site. There are millions of people around the world, who are affected by vision disability. This type so injury can lead to permanent loss of eyesight. Some of the types of vision disability includes, scratched cornea, scratched sclera, dry eyes and corneal graft. However, as the advancement of the technology vision, disability can be brought to normal and there are some cases, which got positive reply.

Hearing disability is one type of physical disability where a person losses the power to hear. There are cases where person with fully deaf or partially deaf. People with partial deaf use hearing aid, which helps them to hear. However, people with full deaf come under severe deafness case.

Cognitive disability is type of disability where a person is suffering from dyslexia and various learning disabilities. People with dyslexia suffer in learning ability but with the proper treatment, this disability can also be treated.

These physical disabilities can be treated if the person is properly guided under medications. There are many hospitals and doctors out there, who have achieved some success while treating these disabilities. Apart from this, there are many medical website, which offers medication for different types of disabilities. Apart from it, proper doctor guidance and actively indulging to that guidance is the key to gain success against this physical disability. There are some physiotherapist, who can treat children and adult suffering with disabilities.

In the case of children with physical disabilities right from born, can be prevented by having proper diet before and during pregnancy. So that the child can be free from any kind of disability.

Tips on Applying for Disability

Every country has its own set of provisions for the citizens who are disabled. Being disabled makes it almost impossible for such people to work and fend for themselves. Hence, there are various services and provisions made available to disabled people so that they can lead their life comfortably without being dependent on anybody. Different places have different rules and regulations when it comes to applying for disability. The advantages and privileges offered by the governments of different places will also be different. There are a number of formalities that have to be taken care of in order to make the disabled person eligible for the disability benefits. It is necessary that all the formalities should be taken care of and all the documents should be provided to the authorities well in time. If the procedures are not followed then there are chances of the disabled person being deprived of the privileges that he is entitled to.

The procedures of applying for disability are different for adults and minors. The children who are born disabled or become disabled early in their childhood can also claim disability benefits just like any other adult, just that the parents of such children should have the necessary documents that can prove that the child is disabled while applying for disability. The parents of a disabled child are required to fill an application for the Supplemental Security Income as well as a Child Disability Report. To make this procedure simpler, the Child Disability Report can now be filled and submitted online.

The parents of disabled children can easily get all the information thy require for applying for disability from the Child Disability Starter Kit. This kit has a detailed explanation of all the requirements and formalities involves in the application process. After the parents have acquainted themselves with the various details regarding the rules and regulations, they can get in touch with the Social Security in order to check whether the income, resources and assets of the parents as well as the child fall within the limits specified. Only after that it is possible to apply for disability.

Once the Social Security has reviewed the parents’ income details, the parents an now fill the Child Disability Report over the internet. This form contains all the details about the child’s disability so that the authorities can decide on the claim of the disabled child. This form also requires the approval of the child’s doctor stating the disability of the child. For people who have difficulties in applying for disability, there are toll free numbers that provide all the assistance that the applicants may require. There are also toll free TTY numbers for people who are hard of hearing.

Fine Points on Disability Services

Psychologists, speech pathologists, pediatricians, dietitians and physiotherapist are amongst the people who prove to be most helpful for parents of children with any kind of disability. There are cases where parents have to hire the services of two or more professionals at the same time. The services of all these professionals are collectively known as disability services. It is obvious that the parents with children having any kind of disability will try to the best of their ability that the child can overcome the disability and lead a normal life. These services are one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal. There are government as well as non-government disability services which are committed to helping such parents but it is for the parents to choose which kind of service will be most suitable for them as well as their children.

The most important aspect that should be considered while selecting a service like this is that the child who is being treated should be comfortable around the therapist, only then will the disability services bear fruit. The approach towards treating these disabled children varies from professional to professional. Some of the different approaches that are commonly followed in order to bring back the children into normalcy are family centered, developmentally appropriate, coordinated, technically competent and inter-personally competent. It is the perspective of the providers of disability services that is the most crucial in determining the efficiency of the services.

While zeroing down on the kind of services they require for their child, the parents of disabled children must take into consideration all the possible options and the pros and cons of each of them. Only after a detailed analysis of the disability services available should the parents make their final choice. It must be noted that most of these services can be expensive and not all the parents are in a position to afford them. Hence, they must figure out how much each session will cost them and how many sessions will be required for their child to be benefited from the service. The government disability services are more affordable when compared to the non-government ones. In addition, the parents must find out whether the service will be provided to the child at home or elsewhere.

For the disabled child to be able to gain from the services provided to him, it is necessary that the professional should have good communication skills. The parents can have a one on one session with the therapist in order to make sure that hiring this service will prove to be a good decision. In case parents are still not in a position to make up their mind regarding the kind of disability services to hire for their children, they can simply hire a professional who is recognized and has a good accreditation.

Disability Programs

Disability is a state where a person is not able to perform any work and where a certain part of the body does not allow performing any activities. Broadly speaking, a person may suffer physically, mentally, socially or combination of all.

If we concentrate on Canada’s disability program, one can find many such disability programs and one of it is the Ministry of Community and Social Service funds of Canada for disabled people. These programs help both adult and children who are disabled. Children who prone to disable are benefited with special service and funds that can be used for learning and other childhood activity. These programs also help the families and affected person.

Children’s and adult can avail this for this program only if they are citizen of that country. The amount of money, which the disable person gets, depends on intensity of the need. The government official takes full examination of the person who is in need of fund. Every candidate has to submit application form every year. The applicant also has to complete full service at home application if the applying for the first time.

In Canada, there are certain government’s disability programs such as Saving Plans, Canada pension plan disability benefits, grant for student with permanent disability, disability Tax credit, and registered rehabilitation assistance program for people with disability. Person who wants to claim for this program has to submit foolproof documents which can make them sure that all the documents are reliable. Comprehensive disability management program save lot of money of the employers and also helps in accessing health care. One must always remember that, disability programs can change according to the development. So the person should apply for such program that can help carry on lifelong. It can surely help you and your family to get protected and have financially stable, so that you can socially, physically, and mentally be strong.

Social Security Disability Insurance: The benefits that disable person get some incentives to certain members of family. And if you are ‘ insured ‘, that means you worked long years and paid Social Security Taxes.

Supplementary Security Income: it helps the disabled person by paying for financial needs.

If we concentrate on India, the government has enacted, Person with Disability Act 1995, to ensure that every disable person should get equal opportunity to live in society. This act aims making the disable financially, mentally and socially equipped. A special insurance scheme has been led for disabled person. In addition to this program, it also offers free construction of homes and barrier-free environment to live independently.

The Indian Government has also come up with National Policy for Persons with Disability. This disability program aims in making people socially independent, protection of their Rights. This policy also offers NGO scheme to disabled peoples, which can protect them from getting into social disability. There are other important disability programs such as Social Security and Supplementary Security Income Programs from Federal programs that provide help to disabled peoples.

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