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Types of Physical Disability

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You might have heard of people with disability whether it is physical or mental, they suffer a lot. It is too often that child to suffer from development disability both in physically and mentally. Certainly, there are some remedies to overcome this disability. These physical disabilities can hamper individual life and reduces the working ability of the person.

Impairment in mobility is one type of disability that some individual suffer. This physical disability includes upper limb disability and disability of co-ordination of various body parts. Impairment disability can be congenital or acquired with the age. People who have broken skeletal structures come under this category.

Spinal cord disability is other type of physical disability where spinal cord injuries can lead to lifelong disability. These injury causes due to meeting with severe accident. Spinal cord injury can be complete or incomplete. In complete spinal injury, there is complete loss of sensory organ; whereas in incomplete spinal injury, the spinal are not completely lost.

Brian disability is another type of disability, which occurs due to brain injury. This injury can be sometimes severe, moderate or can mild. Anyhow, it affects the function of brain. Brian injury can be broadly described as Acquired Brain Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. Acquired brain injury are formed rite form birth and is not the hereditary disability; whereas Traumatic brain injury can effect emotionally and behavioral disturbance.

One more kind of disability is the Vision disability where the person losses his eyes site. There are millions of people around the world, who are affected by vision disability. This type so injury can lead to permanent loss of eyesight. Some of the types of vision disability includes, scratched cornea, scratched sclera, dry eyes and corneal graft. However, as the advancement of the technology vision, disability can be brought to normal and there are some cases, which got positive reply.

Hearing disability is one type of physical disability where a person losses the power to hear. There are cases where person with fully deaf or partially deaf. People with partial deaf use hearing aid, which helps them to hear. However, people with full deaf come under severe deafness case.

Cognitive disability is type of disability where a person is suffering from dyslexia and various learning disabilities. People with dyslexia suffer in learning ability but with the proper treatment, this disability can also be treated.

These physical disabilities can be treated if the person is properly guided under medications. There are many hospitals and doctors out there, who have achieved some success while treating these disabilities. Apart from this, there are many medical website, which offers medication for different types of disabilities. Apart from it, proper doctor guidance and actively indulging to that guidance is the key to gain success against this physical disability. There are some physiotherapist, who can treat children and adult suffering with disabilities.

In the case of children with physical disabilities right from born, can be prevented by having proper diet before and during pregnancy. So that the child can be free from any kind of disability.