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Disability Programs

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Disability is a state where a person is not able to perform any work and where a certain part of the body does not allow performing any activities. Broadly speaking, a person may suffer physically, mentally, socially or combination of all.

If we concentrate on Canada’s disability program, one can find many such disability programs and one of it is the Ministry of Community and Social Service funds of Canada for disabled people. These programs help both adult and children who are disabled. Children who prone to disable are benefited with special service and funds that can be used for learning and other childhood activity. These programs also help the families and affected person.

Children’s and adult can avail this for this program only if they are citizen of that country. The amount of money, which the disable person gets, depends on intensity of the need. The government official takes full examination of the person who is in need of fund. Every candidate has to submit application form every year. The applicant also has to complete full service at home application if the applying for the first time.

In Canada, there are certain government’s disability programs such as Saving Plans, Canada pension plan disability benefits, grant for student with permanent disability, disability Tax credit, and registered rehabilitation assistance program for people with disability. Person who wants to claim for this program has to submit foolproof documents which can make them sure that all the documents are reliable. Comprehensive disability management program save lot of money of the employers and also helps in accessing health care. One must always remember that, disability programs can change according to the development. So the person should apply for such program that can help carry on lifelong. It can surely help you and your family to get protected and have financially stable, so that you can socially, physically, and mentally be strong.

Social Security Disability Insurance: The benefits that disable person get some incentives to certain members of family. And if you are ‘ insured ‘, that means you worked long years and paid Social Security Taxes.

Supplementary Security Income: it helps the disabled person by paying for financial needs.

If we concentrate on India, the government has enacted, Person with Disability Act 1995, to ensure that every disable person should get equal opportunity to live in society. This act aims making the disable financially, mentally and socially equipped. A special insurance scheme has been led for disabled person. In addition to this program, it also offers free construction of homes and barrier-free environment to live independently.

The Indian Government has also come up with National Policy for Persons with Disability. This disability program aims in making people socially independent, protection of their Rights. This policy also offers NGO scheme to disabled peoples, which can protect them from getting into social disability. There are other important disability programs such as Social Security and Supplementary Security Income Programs from Federal programs that provide help to disabled peoples.