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[menu_deadlinks]This Study is lined with shelves of useful references regarding the ongoing provision of disability services in higher education, from policy to practice, from day-to-day functioning to professional development opportunities. As you peruse each shelf you will find direct links to on-line information related to the shelf title. Some of the shelves are still empty… we know what we want to include but haven’t started collecting those materials as yet. Other shelves are already stocked, but information is being added regularly. In this age of technology, one can’t be too rich, too well-equipped, or have too many links available!

Special note: Any link posted does not indicate endorsement of any kind by the owner of this site. There may be no other information than what you see here. This page is solely for the purpose of assisting you in locating relevant resources and information about conferences and issues of interest.

* Accommodations on National Standardized Tests
o Guidelines for the LSAT

o Office of Disability Services – Educational Testing Service

o National Board of Medical Examiners Office of Test Accommodations

* The Bartlett Decision (2nd Circuit, Court of Appeals)

* DSSHE Threads
o Guidelines for Contributing to the DSSHE-L Threads

o Resolving Complaints Through OCR

o Full Time Status

o Service Animals
+ Service Dog Policies
+ Service Dogs and Allergies
+ Training/Documentation for Assistance Animals
+ Animals in the Residence Halls
+ Service Animal or Companion Animal?

o Placement Testing and Accommodation/Documentation

o Orientation and Mobility

o Expectations of Parents/Students in Transition.

o ADA and Residence Hall Requirements

* Critical organizations and offices

* Disability Studies

* Inservice Training Material
o Confidentiality of Disability Documentation

o What is a reasonable Accommodation?

o When Faculty Are TOO Accommodating

* Job Board

* OCR Letters of Finding

* Sample Job Descriptions
o Assistant Director/Coordinator
o Assistive Technology Specialist
o Director/Coordinator
o Interpreter for the Deaf
o Learning disabilities
o Vocational

* Guidelines for Documentation

* Text of Applicable Laws And Related Resources

Section 504 Compliance Handbook, Thompson Publishing Group

The Chaffey Amendment re: Copyright Relaxation

The text of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 can be found at:

The text of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 can be found at:

The text of the ADA Accessibilty Guidelines can be found at the following url:

The text of the Family Education and Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) can be found at the following url:

The text of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act can be found at the following url:

“ADA Q & A: Section 504 and Postsecondary Education” by Deborah Leuchovius

“Auxiliary Aids and Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities: Higher Education’s Obligation Under Section 504 and the ADA” from the Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education

“Overview of ADA, IDEA,and Section 504” by Kelly Henderson

“Section 504 and IDEA: Basic Similarities and Differences” by James Rosenfeld

Summary and explanation of IDEA ’97 from the Department of Education