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SSI Disability Program for the Aged and the Disabled

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The Supplemental Security Income disability or SSI disability program ensures that people of higher age group (above 65 years) or seriously disabled people of the lower income group are getting a certain amount of financial aid to sustain them properly. This fund program is supported through the general tax revenues. This program started in 1974 and since then has helped people with disabilities by providing them with financial aid so that they are able to lead a normal life. To avail the benefits of this program you will have to fulfill certain criteria that will determine if you are eligible for the program.

The best part of the SSI disability program is that you need not have a prior work record to apply for this benefit. For the Social Security Disability benefit program, you need to have certain prior work experience in order to apply for the benefits. However, in case of Supplemental Security Income disability, you do not need to show any prior work experience. To qualify for the benefits you have to be either a person suffering from disability that has put constraints on your income options, your participation in various social activities and limiting you in several other ways. You might require financial help for treatment and as well as in leading a normal life, that might be beyond your reach at your present income scale.

You are also eligible if you are 65 years of age or older and do not have the basic requirements to sustain yourself. Moreover, you will also have to be a resident of the United States without leaving the country for more than a span of 30 days at a time. You can avail the SSI disability help for an amount equivalent to $637 monthly if you apply for individual help. However, you can get an amount of $956 as monthly help if you apply as a couple. There are two types of SGA available that you are required to qualify are the Significantly Gainful Employment and the Substantial Gainful Activity. If you are unable to indulge in both of these then you can surely apply for the SSI disability benefit.

You must understand that the SSI disability benefits are for meeting the basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter. Since this fund is for purely supporting those people with disability that leads to little or no income the amount adjusted for helping is limited. This is to ensure that the help reaches out to maximum number of deserving people. You can go through the various types of rules and regulations regarding the SSI eligibility to get to know more about it. You will be glad to know that the amount that is disbursed goes through adjustments every year to stay up to date regarding the present living cost.

This disability assistance is a wonderful program that ensures the well being of the aged and disabled population of the country and ensures proper care and financial support for them. This is possible only because of the tax that the government collects from the general population. Thus, we can do our entire bit to ensure that this humanitarian program continues with success year after year.