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Social Security Disability Benefit and SSI Benefits Claims

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Being disability is the major loss of life to an individual. You may not be able to work for lifelong and at this stage, it is essential to be financially equipped. But there are many benefits that an individual can get. Social security disability benefit is a kind of insurance, which is paid to you and your family if you are unable to work due to disability, and if you are insured.

However, to apply for such benefit, there are some strict eligibility requirements that should be met: For adult, includes, individual must not be able to perform any activity to make sure that the person is disability. To apply for SSDi benefits claim there are some procedure that an individual has to go with:

  • State you current work status? If you are working and earning more than $860 a month, than sorry, you are not eligible for this claim.
  • Condition of the body:
  • Is the condition on the list of “disabling impairments? Social security has a list of impairments which for each body system which are so severe that you will be automatically called as disabled.
  • Can you do any other type of work? if you are not able to do the work which you used to do in last 15 yrs or any other type of work then you are considered as disable.

According to the United States, Disability means, the inability to work in any substantial gainful activity due to physical or mental disability. The social security disability benefit is paid to those who have work in recent years. As far as individuals with age of 31 has different rules as they are not involved in for more year.

The SSI benefits claim are paid to those who have low income and disabled and whether or not he has worked before. An individual should apply for this claims immediate, when it is determines that he is not able to work during the last 2 month and can also lead to death.

There are some stages, which an individual has to go with while claiming social security disability:

You should not get surprised if your claim gets rejected at the initial stage. Only 40% of claim gets approval. Reconsideration is another stage where 20% of people get this claim. The third stage is the Hearing stage, where an individual has to appear before the Administration Law Judge. It is seen that, individuals who have representation of Attorney for Social Security Disability or SSi Benefits Claim have more chance of winning than those who do not represent.

Do not expect a fast approval of your claim, as it can take one year and more 3-6 months to get the decision.There are also other steps, which you can consider to take up and claim. However, this individual approach can take some time and effort, but it is not sure that the claims are accepted.